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  • Every part of the sales funnel is built for you!
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  • Earn a one-time commission as high as ₱500
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The Sales Funnel

One-Time And Recurring Commissions!

Lead Magnet

5-Step Business Plan


"Digital Business Playbook"

P500 Commission


"Digital Start-Up Toolkit"

P2,000 Yearly Commission

The Lead Magnet

Free 5-Step Business Plan
Discover An Easy, Simple and Automated Way Of Starting Your Own Home Business Without Selling To Your Family, Friends, Neighbors, or Co-Workers
  • No More Recruiting, Sponsoring or Rejections
  • No More 3-Hour Long Seminars In The Company Office
  • No More Shipping Fees and Inventories
  • No More Hype Marketing
  • Purely Home-Based

The Front-End Product

Digital Business Playbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Successful Business In The Digital World
  • How To Research A Profitable Money-Making Niche
  • Choose Over 12 Different Evergreen and Good-As-Gold Niches
  • Find Out How To Use Google's Free Keyword Tool
  • Find Good Products To Promote In Different Affiliate Networks
  • Discover How To Set-Up Your Landing Page or Website
  • How To Convert Visitors Into Subscribers & Customers
  • Discover How To Sell Through Words

The Back-End Offer

Digital Start-Up Toolkit Yearly Membership
  • Earn A P4,000 Per 3 Years Commission For DSUT Platinum
  • Earn A P2,000 Per Year Commission For DSUT Gold
  • Earn A P1,000 Every 6 Months Commission For DSUT Silver
  • Help Your Subscribers Build Their Own Digital Business Online
  • Get Access To Step-By-Step Over-The-Shoulder Training Videos
  • Download Different Website Templates
  • Sell Your Own Digital Products & Set-Up Your Own Affiliate System

How To Get Your Affiliate Link or Referral URL

Your Affiliate Link or Referral URL

Your Affiliate Link or Referral URL can point to different landing pages depending on your target market. Just change the base URL (color yellow)

Landing Page 1: Networkers or MLM Target Market

Landing Page 2: Entrepreneurs Or Corporate Employees

Watch The Step-By-Step Videos On How To Do It

How To Get Your Affiliate Links

How To Use Redirect Links

Affiliate Rules

Rule #1: Affiliates are given P500 for commission for each sale of Digital Business Playbook and P2,000 yearly for the DSUT Gold Membership and P1,000 every 6 months for the DSUT Silver Membership.

Rule #2: Only members of DBP and DSUT are allowed to participate in the affiliate program. 

Rule #3: DBP Members are only eligible to receive the P500 sales commission for each DBP sold. They are not eligible to receive the P2,000 / year and P1,000 / 6 months commissions. They can upgrade to the DSUT Gold or Silver to be eligible.

Rule #4: Only DSUT Gold and Silver Active Members can receive the P2,000 / year and P1,000 / 6 months commission. They are also eligible for the P500 sales commission of the Digital Business Playbook.

Rule #5: Affiliate Commissions are paid after 30 days from the time the new referral's payment has been verified and are only paid via PayPal. If an Affiliate's PayPal account is not properly set-up inside the affiliate dashboard, all commissions that came in can be forfeited.

Rule #6: Word-Of-Mouth referrals are not accepted. All affiliates must use their affiliate links. If a new referral is registered and verified without going through an affiliate's link, the affiliate is not given the commission.

Rule #7: No affiliate shall offer cash-back or money as bonuses to their new sign-ups. Those who violate this rule will be suspended from participating in the affiliate program.

Rule #8: Additional training courses, tips or advice is allowed to be given as bonuses by affiliates provided he / she shall specify that they are not part of DBP or DSUT.

Rule #9: No affiliate shall copy, embed, or share the contents of DBP and DSUT Member areas. These include: eBooks, Videos, Audios, Worksheets which are strictly for members only. However, Affiliates can provide previews of what's inside the members as part of their marketing and promotions.

Rule #10: All affiliates shall agree to the terms and conditions before participating. This affiliate program is only an added source of income for members and is not the main goal of DBP and DSUT. The main goal of DBP and DSUT is to educate it's members on how to establish their business by selling digital products via Internet Marketing. is NOT a Networking or Multi-Level Marketing Businesses. This is also NOT an investment program or a pyramiding scheme.

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