Discover How I Generated ₱3,288,026 With One Course Alone

Learn How To Sell & Make Money Upfront Even Before You Create & Launch Your Own Digital Product (High-Paid Course) Even If It's In A Very Competitive Niche Market

This is based on a "Reveal It All" Case Study, See How I Used A Step-By-Step Process To Generate Over ₱3 Million In Sales With Just One Course Alone.


8-Week Live Masterclass (₱79,997)
Four x ₱10K Follow-Up Coaching Sessions (₱39,997)

1 Year FULL Access To DigitalStartUpToolkit (₱13,997)

₱1M Secret Roadmap To FB Ads, Influencers & Affiliates (₱19,997)


Bonus #1: Video & Audio Recordings of All The Sessions (₱4,997)

Bonus #2: Includes Access To Facebook Private Mastermind Group

Bonus #3: My Ultra-Persuasive Sales Presentation Template (Priceless)

Total Value: ₱158,985

Regular Price:  ₱29,997

One Time Investment

(Price Increasing Soon)

Discover a proven step-by-step process that has helped me & my students generate multiple 6 to 7-Figure incomes. This is NOT just another step-by-step course - this Masterclass is designed to help Beginners & Intermediate Marketers to take their business to the next level.

What Is Self-Made Millionaires Masterclass?

Self-Made Millionaires Masterclass is a case study-based course designed to make ordinary Filipinos with No Product, No Experience, No Expertise to become Self-Made Millionaires By Creating & Selling Their Own Digital Course.

I reveal how just one of my courses has generated over ₱3 Million In Sales (80% Profit) and show exactly how I you can do the same with your own High-Priced Courses.

The goal of this Masterclass is to teach you all the concepts in creating your own course and how to implement everything WITHOUT having to pay for expensive tools. I give you Done-For-You Templates that you can use to fast-track your progress.

What You Will Learn:

  • How To Find Out What Your Market Wants By Reading Their Minds
  • How To Stand Out From A Saturated & Competitive Niche Market
  • How Beginners Can Avoid The Mistake Of Creating & Launching A Product That No One Ever Buys
  • How To Get Case-Studies & Testimonials For Your Course Even If You Have Zero Customers Yet
  • How To Properly Structure Your Course So That You'll Only Spend 3 Hours A Week To Run Your Business
  • How To Sell & Make Money Upfront Before Creating & Launching Your Product To Guarantee Profitability
  • How To Use Social Media Influencers To Kickstart Your Sales
  • How To Sell Your High-Priced Course Via A Sales Presentation That Is So Persuasive That Is Guaranteed To Get Your Customers To Legally & Ethically Give You Their Money
  • How To Develop A Winning Mindset That Prevents Procrastination
  • How To Scale To 7-Figures Using Paid Adverting Such As Facebook, Influencers & Affiliates


  • Knowledge On How To Do Simple Tasks On A Computer or Laptop Such As Typing, Sending Emails, & Opening An Internet Browser
  • You Have The Burning Desire To Succeed When Faced With Difficult Challenges & Obstacles Along The Way
  • You Have The Heart To Inspire Other People and Improve Lives
  • You Must Believe In The Power Of Investing In One's Knowledge To Improve And To Be A Blessing To Others

I've also had the chance to share my knowledge and coach other people to actually get RESULTS.

Who am I and Why should you listen to me?

I am Doctor by passion and profession, but I am also an author and an entrepreneur.

Many people think that my success in business came from being smart or intelligent.

I'm telling you right now that it's not.

I'm just like you when I first started. I was also searching the internet for ways to make an extra income to help my family.

I had absolutely no background in marketing or starting a business.

My journey started when I was still a medical student and I was being a burden to my family.

You see, my mother (a breadwinner) died of cancer on my first year in the college of medicine.

Our family was in a huge debt (hospital bills and chemotherapy drugs).

Our house was taken by the bank because we could no longer pay for the mortgage.

My father was forced to come out of retirement. He had a college degree in Accounting and yet he had to work as a ticket vendor in a parking lot just to make money.

No company would hire him anymore because of his age. Companies would rather hire people younger than him who can work faster and longer.

My sister was working 2 jobs to be able to support my daily needs as a medical student.

You might be asking, how was I able to afford to pay for tuition?

Well, I was granted a full scholarship in the college of medicine.

Being a scholar, I had to maintain my grades in school in order to keep my scholarship.

I only have the time to study, eat, and sleep.  I NEVER had any more time left to actually build a business.

And yet, due to necessity, I was forced to start a business.

I joined an MLM (Networking) Company twice and I started I franchised food cart business (Worth more than ₱100,000) using ALL the money my mother had left me.

After 3 months, I had to closed it down because I couldn't pay the rent and my one employee.

All of those businesses failed miserably. 

I was already sacrificing my health just to save all the money that my sister was giving me.

I ate canned foods (unhealthy) almost everyday that lead to me developing kidney stones.

Next thing I know, I had an Acute Kidney Failure.

My kidneys were shutting down because of the blockage in the passageways (urinary tracts). The urine was getting stuck causing my kidneys to get bigger and my kidneys were being damaged.

I knew I had to do something or else I would go on Hemodialysis or worse, I would die at a young age.

I tried the MLM business one more time when my classmate invited me. I looked for ways to sell more products online.

That's when I discovered the world of Digital Business where I would sell Digital Products such as: eBooks, Online Courses, Audiobooks, Video Training, Softwares and more!

I even sold products made by Pinoy Entrepreneurs.

I also grew my income as a Network Marketer.

But then I realized something...

You see, the money was good, but there was something missing.

I wanted to have a sense of purpose.

I was looking for something deeper than just making money.

I was a Student Volunteer back in college.

For me, helping people gave me a sense of purpose.

I wanted to help people improve their lives by solving their problems.

Everything changed for me when I realized this.

I launched a course on Affiliate Marketing.

I spent a few months recording videos and building the website.

The first time I launched it. May Tatlo lang na bumili. The 2nd month, ZERO. The 3rd month, ONE.

Bigla kong naramdaman ang pagod.

I didn’t look at the course I made for several days. I was too depressed to actually start over and do it again.


Natatakot akong balikan siya at mag-Fail ulit.

Natatakot akong magsayang ulit ng oras at pera sa bagay na hindi naman ako nagkaka-resulta.

But, here’s the thing. I kept seeing people having problems making their website in one FB Group I’m in.

I keep seeing them having a hard time marketing their products on Facebook.

I said to myself, I can help these people.

I can help them grow their business and increase their sales.

That’s when I decided to try one more time.

But before I recorded the videos again.

I did something I NEVER did the first time.

The result was more than I could EVER hoped for.

I started getting more and more sales.

I set up my system so that I never have to experience the fear of no one buying my product.

I just decided NOT to make that same mistake again!

The Next Time I Launched It - Total of ₱163,952.00.

For the next 4 months, I made a total of ₱163,952.00.

I simply changed something in the way I sell my products.

This ONE Thing helped me make more and more sales in the next 6 months.

The income just kept growing simply because I changed ONE Thing.

For The Next 6 Months - I Made A Total of ₱514,439.00

Then the next 6 months, I made ₱514,439.00

The best part about this was? It's all AUTOMATED.

The business ran in autopilot.

The marketing was done on the computer.

All I was doing was supervising and making sure everything was going smoothly.

Then every 6 months, I was making 7-figures.

Every 6 Months - I Kept Getting 7-Figures

I was able to finally give my wife and daughter the life they deserve.

Here Are The 3 Secrets That Helped Me Consistently Earn Over ₱1M every 6 months

Secret 1: The Very Simple 3-Step Formula

Discover Why Selling High-Priced Courses Is The Fastest Way To Reach Your ₱1M In 6 Months Or Less If You Use This Very Simple 3-Step Formula

If you have a goal of making ₱1M in 6 months and you're going to sell a Digital Product like an eBook worth ₱500, how many units of your eBook will you need to sell in comparison to selling a course worth ₱15,000?

Advantages of selling high-priced products over low-priced products:

  • Lesser Customers To Deal With
  • Focus On Those Who Are Serious
  • Much More Fulfilling Results Since Your Students Invested A Lot More
  • Takes About The Same Amount Of Effort To Sell

The Fastest Way To Reach Your Very First ₱1M Using This Very Simple 3-Step Formula

The first step we're going to do is find out what courses out there are already selling.

What topics are being created and what are people already buying.

Then we can create a similar course with a different angle to it.

Then we sell the course to people who are already proven buyers.

SECRET 2: The Beginner-Friendly Strategy

The Strategy To Avoiding The 3 Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make When Creating & Selling High-Priced Courses In A Very Competitive Market

Many beginners make these 3 biggest mistakes when they start.

Mistake #1: They Think They Need To Be An Expert Before They Start

The TRUTH is, you don't need to be an expert to start.

You Don’t Even NEED To Have Credentials Or Certificates.

People REALLY Don’t Care About Your Credentials

They Just Want To See If You Can Give Them The Results That They Need.

The BEST Credentials You Have Is Your Students’ Results.

Here are my students: Meet Cynthia Fuller

She is a Chemist by profession and she has created a course called: Stock Market Masterclass

Mistake #2: They Never Get Started Because They’re Not Techie

Many people never get started because they're afraid of the techie / computer stuff.

Most people would say "Hindi ako techie" or "Hindi ako magaling sa computers".

That's where they get stuck and never pursue their online business.

I would like you to meet a non-techie person, one my students as well: Marife Rosas.

Here is Marife Rosas...

Marife Rosas is a college dropout. She was 1 year away from graduating from college.

And now she's already made herself a self-made millionaire.

Here's what she said in her post.

Here is Elmer Loredo...

He's a Real Estate investor by profession, but he's not a very techie person. 

And yet he has already made P30K from his first online student.

Mistake #3: Selling The Same Products Everybody Else Are Selling WITHOUT Knowing How To Stand Out

I've seen this mostly inside the MLM or Network Marketing industry.

Many distributors or networkers sell the same products from the same company.

To make it worse, many of them sell similar products from different companies.

Imagine the COMPETITION!

It's not bad to have some competition, but you have to find a way to STAND OUT.

Here Is Violeta Depalog...

She's an OFW teacher in China. 

She created a course similar to Cynthia Fuller.

It's called Stock Market Investing Masterclass.

Again, it's about the Stock Market.

She's still able to sell her course despite several other competitors out there.

SECRET 3: “3-Hours A Week” Work Plan

This “3-Hours A Week” Work Plan (For Busy People) Will Guarantee Your Course Will Sell Even Before You Create It So You Won’t Have The Fear Of Nobody Buying It

BIG PROBLEM: What Most People Do

This is what most people do, especially beginners and the reason why they failed.

This is also the reason why I failed in my first attempt at building my own course.

Most people create the product first. They hire freelancers and spent a lot of money in creating the product and building their website.

After several weeks and months of creating the product, they hope and pray that someone will buy.

Unfortunately, no one, if any, hardly buys.

You don't want that to happen when you first create your product.

That's a total waste of time and money.

What if you can sell your product before you even create it?

How would it feel if you actually made money before you invest your time in creating your course?

Wouldn't that be a logical way to actually build your business?

Again, here's Violeta Depalog.

She was still preparing the slides for her course and people have already enrolled.

And she says "Grabe doc, natutuwa ako thank u".

Isn't that a better way of creating the product?

How Would You Like To Be Able To Launch Your Own Course And Make Your First ₱1M In 6 Months?


What's Inside The Self-Made Millionaires Masterclass?

8 Weeks (Every Saturday) Of Live Coaching Sessions

  • Week 1 (March 16, 2019 Saturday)Discover The Simple Mind-Reading Techniques That Will Help You Create Your Own High-Priced Courses That People Actually Want To Buy Even In A Very Competitive Market
  • Week 2 (March 23, 2019 Saturday) - The Double-Edged Product Profitability Strategy - How To Get Red Hot Buyers To Legally & Ethically Give You Their Money Using The Power Of Authority & Influence
  • Week 3 (March 30, 2019 Saturday)- How To Get Results, Testimonials, Case Studies For Your High-Priced Products Absolutely Free Even If You Have No Previous Customers Yet
  • Week 4 (April 6, 2019 Saturday) - How To Create, Package & Price Your Products To Create An Irresistible Offer No One Can Refuse
  • Week 5 (April 13, 2019 Saturday) - How To Create A Sales Presentation That Totally Crushes Any Objections Or Doubts
  • Week 6 (April 20, 2019 Saturday)- The Non-Techie Newbie’s Guide To Setting Up Your Sales Funnel By Using Done-For-You Templates
  • Week 7 (April 27, 2019 Saturday)- The 6-Figure Pre-Launch Persuasion Secrets
  • Week 8 (May 4, 2019 Saturday)- How To Scale To 7-Figures Using Paid Ads And Become A Self-Made Millionaire In Less Than 6 Months

This is a LIVE Masterclass that will run for 8 weeks.

You will be able to ask me questions during each 2-hour LIVE Masterclass.

I will take you by the hand and coach you so you can reach your first ₱1M!

I will be reviewing your assignments every week to make sure you’re doing them on time and you’re doing them properly.

If you can't be there during the LIVE Coaching Sessions, DON'T WORRY! Recordings will be provided inside the members area.

I'm going to be there with you even after the 8-Week Live Masterclass for Four (4) more Follow-up Coaching Sessions!

I don't just leave you hanging even when the 8 Weeks of Live Masterclass is done.

I will still be there if you want additional coaching sessions to monitor your progress.

If you’re NOT Techie, don’t worry about it! Everything (Website, How-To Videos & Templates) will be provided for you!

You'll get 1 Year Full Access To Digital Start-Up Toolkit For FREE!

  • Your Own Website 1 Free Domain Name Registered For 1 Full Year with SSL Certificate
  • Hosting of your own for 1 year
  • Your Own Professional Business Email
  • Drag-Drop Website Builder Installed (All of Thrive Plugins)
  • Step-By-Step Technical Video Tutorials On Creating & Designing A Website That Actually Generates Profits
  • Page Templates Installed
  • Membership Plugins To Control Access To Your Course / Program
  • Accept Payments (Online & Offline)

Here's What People Are Saying About The Digital Start-Up Toolkit

“Kapag nasolidify ko na itong course ko na very very soon, tapos naman na, pwede na akong umuwi. At hindi ko alam kung paano papasalamatan si Doc Lloyd dahil sa totoo lang po, natatanaw ko talaga yung milyones sa ginagawa kong course! Excited na excited, hindi nga po ako makatulog kagabi kasi sabi ko, pag natapos ko na itong course ko, konting tao lang ang kailangan ko, mayroon na akong kalahating milyon. Kaya Doc, salamat po ng maraming marami! Tingin ko, wala na itong lingunan, papunta na talaga ako sa milyones ko.”

Jingo Ramos, OFW Australia

The ₱1M Secret Road Map To Using FB Ads, Influencers & Affiliates

Bonus #1: Facebook Community Group and Chat

Bonus #2: My Ultra-Persuasive Sales Presentation Template (Priceless!)

This Sales Presentation Template alone is EXTREMELY Powerful & Persuasive that I have requested everyone of my students to promise me that they won't use it for evil.

"Using the template alone can guarantee you'll make a sale even if you use it on your first try."

Bonus #3: My 7-Figure Facebook Pixel With Over 3 Years Of Data (For The First 10 People Only)

Enroll In The Self-Made Millionaires Masterclass Today!

Here’s What You’re Going To Get (₱158,985 Value)

  • 8 Week Live Masterclass + Recordings (₱79,997 Value)
  • Four (4) x ₱10K Follow-Up Coaching Sessions + Recordings: (₱39,997 Value)
  • 1 Year Full Access To Digital StartUp Toolkit (₱13,997 Value)
  • The ₱1M Secret Road Map To Using FB Ads, Influencers & Affiliates (₱19,997 Value)
  • Bonus #1: Audio Files Of All The Sessions (₱4,997 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Private Facebook Mastermind Group & FB Group Chat (Priceless!)
  • BONUS #3: My Ultra-Persuasive Sales Presentation Template That Works In Selling Any High-Priced Product (Priceless!)

Regular Price: ₱158,985 ₱29,997

Enrollment Closes On March 6, 2019


Only 30 People Will Be Accepted!

Online & Offline Payments Are Accepted



If you feel that I did NOT overdeliver on the content of the masterclass, you have 14 days to decide and then let me know and I’ll give you your money back. But you will have to show me that you've done your assignments and you've attended the Live Sessions of the Masterclass.

This Money-Back Guarantee is valid only for online payments via PayPal / Credit Cards.

Here's What Other People Are Saying...

Here Are Proof Of Payments From Earlier Students

Regular Price: ₱158,985 ₱29,997

Enrollment Closes On March 6, 2019


Only 30 People Will Be Accepted!

Online & Offline Payments Are Accepted


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is This A One-Time Payment?

Yes, the enrollment to the Self-Made Millionaires Masterclass is a one-time only payment. You will also get 1 FREE Digital Start-Up Toolkit (DSUT Gold) subscription. When this expires, the DSUT subscription can be renewed at P13,997 per year.

Can I Pay In Installment?

You can pay in 2 payments of P10,997 at 2 weeks apart. Paying in installment is not covered by the 14-day money-back guarantee when the 2nd payment has already been made.

Visit this link:

Can I Do This Even If I'm A Beginner?

Yes, the Self-Made Millionaires Masterclass is designed for people who are beginners with no product, no experience and no expertise. However, we also welcome those already have their product and wishes to learn how they can get more sales.

Are There Any Upsells?

No, there are no upsells after enrolling in the Masterclass.

Can I Enroll Tomorrow Or Next Week?

Yes, you can enroll anytime but the prices of enrollment will vary. If you enroll before the enrollment period, you are eligible to get an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT.

I'm Already A DSUT Member, Can I Enroll?

Yes, you can enroll even if you're already a DSUT Gold or Silver member. Enrolling in the Masterclass can serve as your renewal and an additional 1 Year will be added to your subscription to DSUT.

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