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How To Build A 7-Figure Digital Empire Using Just A Computer & Internet Connection

Underground Strategy #1 - The 7-Figure Income Formula

The Framework & Psychology Behind Building A 7-Figure Digital Empire With Just A Computer And Internet Connection

Welcome to DSUT's 7-Figure Digital Empire Workshop!

This is the 1st of 3 mini-lectures that I'll be giving to you.

In this 1st Mini-lecture, I will teach you the first underground strategy to building a 7-Figure Digital Empire.

This is the Framework and Psychology 

Unfortunately for those who do not have a computer, kailangan po talaga ng computer or laptop (Not a cellphone or tablet).

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner without any experience or someone without any "expertise".

Kung gusto niyo talagang mag-Build ng business sa internet at palakihin pa ito hanggang 7-Figures, ito lang po ang susundan ninyo.

This framework came from my experience in creating businesses for me and other people.

It has helped me build a 7-Figure Digital Empire year after year after year.

It's the same Framework I followed and will be sharing with you in this first mini-lecture.

It is actually very simple.

I like to keep things simple because it becomes duplicable by many ordinary and non-techie people.


Here it is:

The Framework Behind Building A 7-Figure Digital Empire

  1. 1
    Find People With Specific Problems
  2. 2
    Create a product with the solution

Sabi ko sa'yo napakaSimple lang 'di ba? It's practically "Common Sense".

The problem with most beginners is that they switch this around.

I had this switched around when I was just starting out in business.

I joined MLM selling load cards, beauty products like soaps and lotions, food supplements etc.

So I already have a product with the solution to people's problems.

But there was one BIG problem, I don't know where to find these people!

Saan ko ba sila mahahanap para maibenta ko yung mga produkto ko?

'Yun ang mahirap kapag nagsisimula ka at hindi mo alam na dapat pala inuuna yung customers instead of the products.

Nangyari 'din ito before when I started a Food Cart Business.

Akala ko madali lang kasi pagkain na ibebenta ko. Sino ba naman ang hindi nagugutom?

So tinayo ko ang food cart ko, nilagay ko sa maraming naglalakad na mga tao.

And voila! After 3 months, ganun pa din! I had to shutdown my Food Cart business kasi lugi na.

Madami akong binabayaran para patakbuhin siya.

I was paying Rent, Electricity, Employee and of course, the Food.

So I repeat, please follow the Framework.

Step 1: Find People With Specific Problems

If you find people with specific problems first, then you will know who your customers will be.

Alam mo na kung nasaan sila hahanapin.

You know they exist.

You know where to find them when you already have your product.

Once you know where your customers are, the product you create will be easily sold to them.

Step 2: Create a product with the solution

Based on the problems that people have, that's when you create the solution.

You can be sure that your product has a potential to be sold because it is based on people's problems that you have already researched.

And once you have your product, you can easily find the people who will buy your product.

Alam mo na kung saan sila hahanapin from step 1 pa lang.

The Psychology Behind Building A 7-Figure Digital Empire

Now let's proceed to the Psychology.

Get ready, this is again very very simple.

People generally have similar problems.

Almost everyone are motivated by 2 things in this world.

The either want to REMOVE A PAIN or GAIN A REWARD.

For example, why do you go to work everyday?

Because you want to gain a reward. That reward is called your salary.

Why do you want to have a salary?

So you can pay for your bills and buy food.

If you don't pay for your bills like your electricity, you won't be able to iron your clothes, watch TV, turn on your electric fan or aircon.

You buy food because you want yourself and your family to survive.

Simple as that.

You are motivated by gaining a reward.

Now that you are working everyday, you are now motivated by REMOVING A PAIN.

What is the pain this time? You want to quit your job.

Why do you want to quit your job? Kasi nakakapagod, nakakasawa, nakakainis ang mga katrabaho, nakakastress magbiyahe sa init at trapik, walang time para sa pamilya and the list goes on and on.

Many people are just like YOU.

They have similar problems as you.

So how does this translate to your Business?

Since people have problems, they want to solve those problems.

They live in a painful place called "Nightmare Island."

They want to go from the Nightmare Island to their "Dream Island" where there is less pain or more reward.

Your job as an entrepreneur is to bridge those 2 islands together.

The bridge will be your product!

For example, people in the "Nightmare Island" are unhealthy and obese people. 

They want to go to their "Dream Island" where they are fit, healthy, sexy, attractive, full of confidence, loved by their boyfriend / girlfriend, spouse, etc.

But it is hard for them to go from the Nightmare Island to their Dream Island because of all the obstacles that discourage them.

These obstacles can be "Nakakapagod magExercise" or "Masarap kasi kumain".

So you provide them a solution in the name of your Product.

Your product could be something like "How To Have A Ripped and Very Attractive Body Without Going To The Gym While Eating Your Favorite Foods"

Another example can be "How To Invest In The Stock Market Even If You're A Fulltime Employee"

Of course, this is for people who live in the "Nightmare Island" of being employed without any retirement savings who plans to have passive income so they can quit their stressful jobs.

One of my students created this product.

Her name is Cynthia Fuller and she was a Chemist at a very big company in the Philippines.

She has already quit her job to focus on her Digital Business and have more time with her family.

She built her own 7-Figure Digital Empire by creating a product called "Stock Market Masterclass"

Cynthia Fuller

Founder of

Chemist By Profession

Now we know how to HELP people by providing them a bridge to get from their Nightmare Island to their Dream Island.

The question left for us now is what kinds of products are we going to create?

What digital products can we create that will help people with these problems the fastest and easiest way possible as well as maximize our profitability, meaning the products generate the most profit for us in the least amount of effort.

There are 3 kinds of products you can create: DIY, DWY, and DFY.

DIY = Do It Yourself Products

These are products that are usually in text format like an eBook, Cheatsheets, Blueprints, etc.

These products are the least desirable because it would require the person to "Do It Yourself". It may take them a long time to get the results they want because they might experience mistakes along the way.

At the same time, DIY products are also the cheapest. Because they are the least desirable, you have to lower the price to maintain the balance.

DIY products range from P250 to P2,000 pesos and sometimes can go up to P5,000.

DWY = Done With You Products

These are products that are usually in Audio / Video format like an Audiobook or a Digital Course.

If it's an audio, people can listen to it in the car while driving or commuting. They can listen to it while they apply the steps. In other words, they're almost "Doing it with you".

If it's video in the form of a Digital Course, they can watch and listen to you while you demonstrate the steps. 

Example of this is: "How To Do Bookkeeping Using Excel For Your Business"

You can have a video recording of your screen while you open an Excel file and do the numbers.

In other words, they can see you do it so it's almost like they are "Doing it With You".

DWY products are usually more expensive the DIY products.

It takes a lot more effort to build and create on your part, but it is also more desirable for your customers who wish to "see" and "hear" how it is done.

DFY = Done For You Products


These are products that are usually the most expensive and the most desirable.


People are naturally lazy. They always want the easy way out.

That is the reason why Food Cart Franchising businesses are very popular.

People don't want to create a brand from zero.

Example: You can start a Food Cart Business selling Siomai, but you will directly compete with Siomai King or Master Siomai. Your Siomai might taste better in your opinion, but it doesn't have the exposure and the popularity. 

To make it DFY, you can simply franchise your own Siomai King or Master Siomai. You would be carrying the brand as well as the popularity of the products. It would cost you a lot more because you would be paying the Franchise Fees, but it would be easier for you because the cart, food, materials will be provided for you.

In terms of Digital Products, these products can be in the form of Templates, Fully Designed Websites, Plug and Play Tools, an Online Store already generating 6-figures per month and so on.

Just imagine buying a fully operational online store that generates 6-figures a month. How much would you pay for such a DFY product? Maybe 7-Figures or more?

Throughout this Free Mini-Workshop, the products that you will focus on are DFY and DWY products, but that doesn't mean you won't sell DIY products as well.

You can do a mixture of all those products.


For A DIY product, you can create "The Cheat Sheet Losing Weight Without Exercise".

For A DWY product, it can be an audiobook called "Science of Motivation - Being Fit & Healthy Starts With The Mind".

For a DFY product, it can be a video course called "Complete Fitness Program To A Healthier Life".

But your main goal here is to sell products that maximize profitability.

These products are DWY and DFY products.

These products are priced above P5,000 up to P50,000.

So if your goal is to make P1,000,000 this year and you're selling a P15,000 product.

You only need P1,000,000 / P15,000 = 67 customers!

That's right! Only 67 customers to make your First Million Online!

If it's a P10,000 product, then you just need to get 100 customers.

If it's a P5,000 product, then you need 200 customers.

Remember, this is all ONLINE.

So it's really not that hard to find 67, 100 or even 200 customers!

Okay so I hope you were able to learn from this 1st mini-lecture of our 3-part workshop.

This ends our Mini-Lecture #1.

Do not forget to check the 2nd of the mini-lectures I will give to you.

In the 2nd Mini-Lecture, I will share with you Underground Strategy #2: How Anyone Can Create Their Own Digital Product Without Any Previous Experience or Expertise

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.

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