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Bonus Underground Strategy - Use S.L.O. To Run Facebook Ads For Free

How To Run Facebook Ads Practically For Free and Scale To 7-Figures

Welcome to DSUT's 4th (Bonus) Mini-Lecture of this Free Mini-Workshop.

This is supposed to be just a 3-Part Mini-Workshop, but I decided to give you a Bonus Mini-Lecture.

In this 4th Mini-Lecture, I will teach you "How To Run Facebook Ads Practically For Free and Scale To 7-Figures"

Many people are afraid of running Facebook Ads.

They think that Facebook Ads don't work.

They think that Facebook Ads are too expensive.

They think that Facebook Ads are complicated.

Well, all of that is true, if you don't know HOW to properly use Facebook Ads.

Before we get into Facebook Ads, I want to address the biggest problem many entrepreneurs have when selling their products.

And that is called "Spamming".

Many people post their products everywhere.

They post their products on their FB newsfeed.

They post their products on FB Groups (even if they were already told they will be blocked if they post self-promotions or spam.)

They just don't listen. Why?

Because they have no choice.

They don't know how to promote their products any other way but to spam.

And that is really really sad.

In this Mini-Lecture, you won't be that person anymore.

...Because I will teach you how to run Facebook Ads, and how to run them properly.

Would you like to learn that?

So let's begin.

Facebook Ads is a "Pay-To-Play Platform".

This means you have to pay in order to have your Ads run.

"Doc, I thought you said we're going to run Facebook Ads for Free?" - You might ask

Hold your horses young entrepreneur.

Masyado kang atat.

Basically there are 5 Easy Steps to systematically run Facebook Ads for Free.

5 Easy Steps To Running Facebook Ads Practically For Free

Step 1: Know How To Find Your Target Market

This step is very important.

You need to know what your target market wants and needs.

If you're selling digital products on "How To Invest In The Stock Market", then you can target people on Facebook who like "Bo Sanchez", "Philippine Stock Exchange" or the term "Stock Market" in general.

Of course, the more specific you are, the better.

You can also target by Popular Pages that your ideal customers like or follow.

Example, you want to target Teachers. You can target a page called "Teachers Pay Teachers".

You can also target by Location that your ideal customers currently lives in.

Example, you want customers who live within a 25 mile radius around Cebu City. 

You can specify any location you wish.

Can you now see how powerful Facebook Ads is?

You can reach people beyond the borders of your City.

You can target people in different cities, different provinces, different countries if you want to.

You can also target by Demographics.

You can specify what gender (male or female), age (18-65+) or even if they have children or not.

Let's say you are selling a digital product on "How To Get Rid Of Children's Temper Tantrums".

Of course, you would want to target parents who have children at the age of 2-7 years old.

You're not going to target parents who have children aged 18 and above.

You can now be laser-focused on who you want to see your Ad.

If you compare this with radio, newspaper or television ads, they can't control who will see the commercials, banners, billboards and so on...

That is why Facebook is so powerful.

This next targeting is one that people frequently skip.

Believe it or not, you can target people by their buying behaviors.

Let's say you want to target people who have shown to buy things online.

You can target people who made Facebook Payments in the last 30 days, 90 days and so on...

Isn't that amazing?

If only you knew how to do Targeting before, how many customers do you think you can find on the internet using Facebook Ads?

I'll give you a hint: More than 67 that's for sure!

So let's proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Create An Ad That Captures Attention

Knowing how to target your ideal customers is half the battle.

The other half is getting their attention, getting them to stop what they were doing on Facebook and to click on your Ad.

So you'll need to create an Ad that captures their attention.

That's very simple.

Here are the criteria for creating an ad that captures attention:

  • It must create curiosity.
  • It must be trivial with the potential to go viral.
  • It must be a solution to their problem.
  •  It must be given away for Free!

Of course, there are some things you can probably think of, but these are the basic ones your Ad must have.

So your Ad Image or Video, the one the people see first, must be able to stop people from scrolling their newsfeed.

Your Ad Copy / Text, the one that they read, must be able to persuade them to click on your Ad.

If you've got those 2 together, you'd have a winning Ad that can feed your family for the next several years. (Trust me and trust my students, they know).

Let's proceed to the next step. 

This step is where most people almost always get in trouble when it comes to running their Ads.

This is the most common mistake that they make. Look at the diagram below.

Most Common Mistake When Running FB Ads

Many beginners would run an Ad, spend around P5,000 that directly goes to their P15,000 offer.

What usually happens?


No one ever buys.


Dahil walang bumibili ng P15,000 product sa taong hindi nila kilala.

So what should you do?

This is Step 3 - Get People's Email Addresses

Why do you want to get people's email address?

You should have guessed it by now.

Since no one buys a P15,000 product from someone they do NOT know, like and trust, then that means your customers should get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you first before you sell to them.

That's why you get people's email address.

When you have their email address, you can send them emails / messages that build relationship so that they'll get to know you, like you and hopefully trust you enough to buy your product.

You're probably here because I sent you an email right?

I hope you've come to know, like and trust me by now.

Let's proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Create A Self-Liquidating Offer (S.L.O.)

What is a Self-Liquidating Offer or S.L.O.?

S.L.O. is a product offered immediately to customers which pays for your Ads because it is priced low enough that some people will have very little resistance when buying it

It is also known as a “Tripwire Offer”.

Let's look at the diagram below.

In the diagram, we have spent P5,000 for our Facebook Ads. 

We were able to get 500 email addresses.

We offered a P250 eBook.  

Since this is low-priced (compared to a P15,000 product), it is very easy to sell. 

People are more than likely to buy a P250 product than a P15,000 product from someone they just met.

Let's say 20 people out of 500 people bought the P250 eBook. 

That's equivalent to P5,000 in sales!

What happens now?

We just made P5,000 back to pay for the P5,000 we used for Facebook Ads!

Can I please get a slow-clap? 

Not yet? Is it too soon? 

You might say "That's great Doc! But where do we make money. That's Zero profit!"

Remember! We have the email address of 500 people!

What we can do now is email them, build trust and relationship.

Once we have their trust, there's a much higher chance that they'll buy a P15,000 product in the future.

We don't have to spend anymore on FB Ads to send emails to these 500 people.

They're just one email away!

Let's look at the new diagram below.

Remember, we still have 500 email addresses of potential customers.

We can still build trust and relationship with these 500 people.

Let's say out of the 500 people, only 6 people bought your P15,000 product or course.

There would be less people who will buy the course compared to the eBook.

This is understandable because it is more expensive than the eBook.

If 6 people bought your P15,000 product, that's 6 x P15,000 = P90,000!

That's P90,000 in profit!

You have the option to keep all of this now because you don't have to pay for FB Ads anymore.

Your initial P5,000 sales for the S.L.O. (P250 eBook) paid for your FB Ads Expense.

Anything you make after that is pure, delicious, mouth-watering profit.

Put in your savings account. Go buy your spouse a new bag.

Go eat in a fancy restaurant or take a long awaited vacation.

Can I get the slow-clap now please?

Wala pa ring slow-clap?

You might be thinking "Wow Doc! That's great! When do we make 7-figures?"

Ok, medyo ambisyosa ka hehehe

Sige, here's where we make 7-Figures. We're not done with the 5 steps yet.

Here's Step 5: Add Fuel To The Money-Making Machine

Now that you have a money-making machine, all you have to do is add to your initial budget.

You started with P5,000 inital budget right? 

You could've ran this for 1 whole month if that's all the money you have. That's fine.

Now that you have P90,000 in profit, try putting some of that back into your Ads Budget.

Let's say you put P20,000 back into your Facebook Ads.

You get 80 people to buy your P250 eBook.

That's P20,000 back. So you break even.

Bawi ka pa lang muna dito.

But you still have 2,000 email addresses of potential buyers.

You build trust and relationship with those 2,000 people.

Let's say only 24 people bought your P15,000 product out of those 2,000 people

24 x P15,000 = P360,000 Profit!

You now have P360,000 as profit!

Now that's P360,000 you can use to: 

  • Build or renovate your house
  • Donate to your church
  • Give to your parents and grandparents
  • Bring your family to a long awaited vacation
  • Resign from your stressful government job
  • Comfortably work from home
  • Invest it back in the Stock Market to grow your money even more
  • Or save it for an emergency

Your choice!

You now have the power to choose where you want to spend your money.

Hindi na lang palagi kay Judith (Due Date) napupunta ang pera.


Now all you have to do is rinse and repeat.

Paulit-ulit mo lang ito gawin for the next few months upto a year.

This is what I did. I spent a total of P383,185.32 in a span of 1 year.

I was able to reach 784,756 people on Facebook.

Remember, if you're selling a P15,000 product and your goal is to make 7-Figures (P1M), you just need to get 67 customers!

Do you think you can get 67 people to buy your product out of 784,756 people on Facebook?

What are the chances of that NOT happening?

Do you believe you can become a Self-Made Millionaire in the internet?

As a result of this 5-Step System Using S.L.O., I was able to generate multiple 7-Figures in 1 year.

The figures above is a result of a carefully laid out process that I have done throughout several years of doing this.

I have tweaked it.

I have made some errors and adjusted them along the way.

Now, I can say this is truly a SCIENCE that I can replicate over and over.

The only question now is this, "Do you want to replicate it as well?"

So this ends our Bonus Mini-Lecture in this Free Mini-Workshop.

I hope you were able to learn a lot from it.

Apply what you've learned.

Don't let this information go to waste.

Knowledge not applied is knowledge wasted.

I know that this can be overwhelming at first.

You might be thinking, I want to learn more.

​Do you want someone to hold your hand every step of this process?

This is entirely OPTIONAL. It is up to you if you want to pursue this Digital Business.

I have a time-limited Step-By-Step 8-Week Live Coaching Program that will give you everything you learned and more.

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