Revealed: I Will Teach You Step-By-Step How To Start Your Online Business Without Selling To Your Family, Friends, Neighbors or Co-Workers!

If you are looking for a way to make money online from your home, be an entrepreneur, have your own home-based business and be your own boss....

then you need to PAY ATTENTION for just 5 minutes because this is the MOST IMPORTANT message you will ever read!

No, this is NOT a networking business...

I am not here to recruit you

This is Not APS. This is Also Not Unity Network.

I have been selling digital products for over 1 year now. I have proven that anyone can make money doing this online.

I have made approximately $2,000 per week in the last few months of 2015.

I have made over P600,000 in 6 months all from home using my laptop.

I only spend time on this business a few hours a day without paying any employees or monthly rent.

I wanted to show you how you can also make money selling digital products even if you didn't create them.

Here are just some of the products I have sold in the past week in US dollars!

Here's the screenshot inside my PayPal Account.

I wanted to show you how you can also make money selling digital products.

What are digital products?

These are products that are made using a computer. It can be an ebook, music, video recording (mp4), podcasts (mp3), online course, etc.

Let me tell you why a digital product is the perfect product to sell online.

Just consider the advantages of digital products over every other type of product being sold today.

  • Virtually up to 80% profit margin for digital products you don't own and up to 100% profit margin for digital products you do own.
  • An ebook for example has almost zero maintenance costs because it is a computer file and does not require you to have a hard copy. You don't need a warehouse to store your digital products.
  • You can deliver digital products automatically. There's no need for manual labor or hiring of employees.
  • No storage costs, no printing costs and very low monthly overhead expenses.
  • Digital products have a higher perceived value than regular physical products. Example: ebooks typically have half the length of regular books but they sell for twice or three time the amount of regular books.
  • They are easier to sell because customers can get their digital products within minutes after buying.
  • Customers love digital products because they don't need to pay extra for shipping and handling costs.
  • More and more people are now using electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, iphones, ipads that can utilize these digital products wherever they go.
  • There is a continuous flow of new customers because there are over 3 billion people online nowadays and it's growing very rapidly. Even third-world countries have access to the internet.


My Digital Business Playbook

Who can benefit from the Digital Business Playbook?

  • Corporate employees who want to get out of the stressful environment of the corporate world and retire early.
  • OFW’s who want to start a low risk business so they can come home to the Philppines and be with their families.
  • Network Marketers who are looking to bring their business online or sell their products online.
  • Students who want to earn while they study so they’ll be able to buy their own books, laptops or cellphones or pay for their tuition fees.
  • Stay-at-home moms or dads who want to have a business they can do at home while they take care of their children.
  • Frequent travellers who want to have a business they can do anywhere they go with just their laptop and an internet connection

Here's What Else You Will Get!

That's A Total Of ₱4,695 Worth Of Bonuses Your FREE Only Today!

"But Lloyd, I'm new to this Internet Business."

Don’t worry, the Digital Business Playbook is designed especially for beginning entrepreneurs like you. I have laid out what steps you need to take on the eBook so beginners like you will be able to follow. I’ve also included lots of pictures. I want this ebook to be beginner friendly as much as possible.

Besides, most of the people who have started earning money using this formula were beginners like you. They never made any money online prior to this ebook. In just a few weeks, they are now making money.

TAKE ACTION NOW before this offer expires! Click the BUY NOW button to grab your copy of the Digital Business Playbook and FOLLOW the step-by-step guide.

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₱4,695 ₱1,499 Only!

Payments via BPI, LBC, Western Union, Palawan Express, Cebuana / MLhuillier are accepted.

Learn it from your laptop

You can learn the Digital Business Playbook while you're in the office. You can actually start following the step-by-step methods right away.

Learn it on your iPhone

You can learn the Digital Business Playbook while you're traveling using your smartphone and begin applying the concepts.

Learn it on your iPad

You can learn the Digital Business Playbook on your tablet / iPad. Truly a business you can do anywhere!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee + ₱500

I will give you my special 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and an additional ₱500 out of my own pocket if this doesn’t work for you provided you can show me that you have followed and applied each of the step in the  Digital Business Playbook. That’s how confident I am that this will work for anyone. Sounds fair?

Our Most Recent Clients

See what other people have to say about the Digital Business Playbook...

Here's Reggie who got his first sale after 1 month!

Here's Doc Alex who also got his first sale!

Here's Marife who got her break-through and is now being interviewed by an Online Entrepreneur for his podcast.

"Dr. Lloyd Leonell Labso uses an easy to understand layman’s language..."

"Starting an on-line venture from your home would be a new experience for you. Many of us may have some ideas, but may not know where to start or how to start. It is then, that, I highly refer and recommend to you this outstanding work by Dr. Lloyd Leonell Labso as a MUST read and use e-book for a successful Internet Business.

This e-Book is a Step-By-Step Guide to Building a successful business in the Digital World. Read the entire e-Book in order that you receive a simple, powerful, cost and time effective way to earn money on-line. This e-Book has been dedicated to those who would like to learn a clear concept of on-line earning system as this will help you get started on your way. It contains all the must-know basic information for a beginning entrepreneur.

In this e-Book, Dr. Lloyd Leonell Labso uses an easy to understand layman’s language which provides a wealth of insight and information easily adaptable for individuals. It helps me get started and finally accomplish my website. Having a website is one way I could earn money on-line by working part time or full time from home. It’s truly a job well done, Dr. Labso! Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work."

- Estrella Cabatino (Entrepreneur)

"I'm so grateful knowing Doc Lloyd, he is so approachable, a good motivator...."

"Affiliate Marketing is not new to me. I had been reading a lot of it before, besides I'm experiencing an information overload or "analysis paralysis". Doc Lloyd's ebook "Digital Business Playbook" explained it quite simple, with step by step and with illustrations it is not impossible not to gain anything from it. After all Doc is just a pm away, anytime I want to clear something. I'm so grateful knowing Doc Lloyd, he is so approachable, a good motivator."

- Florie B. Tiong (Entrepreneur)


What Exactly Is The Digital Business Playbook?

Who Can Benefit From Digital Business Playbook?

Do You Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

Is This Network Marketing Or An Investment Program?

Do I Need To Pay Anything Else When I Buy The Digital Business Playbook?

Do You Offer Any Support After I Buy The Digital Business Playbook?

"Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion."

Lloyd Labso, MD

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