Discover The 3 Facebook "Hacks" That You Can Use To Start Selling Products Online & Make ₱50K A Month Even If You're A Busy, Non-Techie Beginner
Hint: The Hacks Do Not Include A "Boost Post"

From The Desk Of: Lloyd Labso

Subject: 3 Facebook Hacks To A 7-Figure Income

Kumusta Kabayan!

Naisip mo na bang kumita ng pera sa bahay habang naka-pajamas lang?

Have you ever thought of the possibility that you can make a FULL-TIME income without leaving your house and without going to your office?

This must be too good to be true? Right?

Just like you, that's exactly what I thought at first.

I thought it was a myth.

Akala ko sa ibang bansa lang ito pwede gawin.

Akala ko para lang sa mga taong magagaling sa computers.

Akala ko para lang ito sa mga malalaking kumpanya na malalim ang bulsa.

Nagkamali ako ng akala.

Now, you've probably done this before.

Nag-search ka na siguro sa internet ng "How Do I Make Money Online?"

Nag-search ka na din siguro ng "How To Sell On Facebook?"

Ginawa ko rin yan before.

Naghanap ao sa Google at ang dami kong natuklasan.

Sa sobrang dami kong natuklasan, sumakit lang ang ulo ko.

Why Is This Different?

You're going to DISCOVER how I was able to spend ₱100 on Facebook and get ₱820 back until I've already made over ₱3.4M!

This is NOT just Theory!

Hi, My name is Lloyd Labso.

What I'm about to to REVEAL to you is NOT theory.

Hindi ito isang bagay na nakita ko lang sa iba at ituturo ko sa inyo.

I've actually done this myself and have generated amazing results.

I've actually trained other people, OFWs, Professionals, Employees, Parents, Elderlies, JUST LIKE YOU to do the same.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To What I Have To Say?

I'm a simple man, with a family just like you. 

I am a husband and a father.

I am Doctor by passion and profession, but I am also an author and an entrepreneur.

Many people think that my success in business came from being smart or intelligent.

I'm telling you right now that it's not.

I'm just like you when I first started. I was also searching the internet for ways to make an extra income to help my family.

I had absolutely no background in marketing or starting a business.

My journey started when I was still a medical student and I was being a burden to my family.

My Mother Died Of Cancer Before My First Year In The College Of Medicine

Our family was in a huge debt (hospital bills and chemotherapy drugs).

Our house was taken by the bank because we could no longer pay for the mortgage.

My father was forced to come out of retirement.

He had a college degree in Accounting and yet he had to work as a parking ticket vendor in a parking lot just to make money.

No company would hire him anymore because of his age.

Companies would rather hire people younger than him who can work faster and longer.

My sister was working 2 jobs to be able to support my daily needs as a medical student.

You might be asking,..

How Was I Able To Afford To Pay For Tuition?

Well, I was granted a full scholarship in the college of medicine in De La Salle University -Health Sciences Institute.

Being a scholar, I had to maintain my grades in school in order to keep my scholarship.

I only have the time to study, eat, and sleep.  

I NEVER had any more time left to actually build a business.

And yet, due to necessity, I was forced to start a business.

So, I started Several Business...

MLM (Networking) & Food Cart Business

I Failed In Both!!!

So I joined an MLM (Networking) Company twice and I started I franchised food cart business (₱100,000) using ALL the money my mother had left me.

All of those businesses failed miserably.

I was already sacrificing my health just to save all the money that my sister was giving me.

I ate canned foods (unhealthy) almost everyday that lead to me developing kidney stones.

Puro Canned Goods (Sardinas) Lang Ang Kinakain Ko Para Makatipid Hanggang Sa Pumayat At Nagkasakit Ako Sa Kidneys

Next thing I know, I had an Acute Kidney Failure.

Kaya na-Admit ako sa hospital sa sobrang sakit ng aking tagiliran ko.

As I was laying in the hospital bed in the ER, all I could think of was...

How will I become a doctor if I'm the one sick? How can I help my family if if I can't work or worse, if I die?

The doctor said that if I my stones weren't removed and my kidneys worsen...

Mag-Hemodialysis na daw ako at posible akong mamatay at a young age.

That's when I realized that being a doctor is good only if I am healthy.

When the time comes that I could no longer work and treat patients...

That's when the Income Will Stop and the support to my family stops as well.

I tried the MLM business one more time when my classmate invited me.

I looked for ways to sell more products online.

That's when I discovered the world of Digital Business where...

I would sell Digital Products: eBooks, Online Courses, Audiobooks, Video Training & Softwares!

To make the story short, I started the Digital Business after spending on a lot of online courses and trainings.

Now, I can easily make commissions in US Dollars in minutes and on demand.

And the Next thing I know, people have been asking me how I was able to do it?

I could keep this a SECRET if I wanted to, but that would be selfish.

My goal is to reach at least 1,000 Filipinos and help them build their Online Business that they can do at home or while traveling using just their laptop and internet connection.

That's what you are going to Discover here today.

You Will Discover My 3 Hacks To Making Money On Facebook!

HACK #1: The FB Ad Strategies That I’ve Taught Many High-Performing Entrepreneurs, OFW's & Top Professionals To Make 6-Figures Starting With Only A ₱100 Per Day Budget

Would you agree that there are billions of Facebook users?

Would you agree that if you place your product in front of these billions of people, at least thousands of them would buy?

Why Facebook?

According to this graph, Facebook leads all social networks in terms of the number of audience and engagement.

Even if they combine Instagram, Twitter and all the other social networks, Facebook still has the largest audience & engagement.

Facebook is where your IDEAL Customers Are If You Want To Sell Your Products Or Grow Your Business!

I started with Facebook with just a ₱100 per day budget. 

As I keep getting sales, for every ₱100 spent, I'm earning more than ₱200 back.

I grew my budget to ₱150 then ₱250 per day.

Here's A Screenshot Of My Facebook Ads Account

As you can see above, I keep spending ₱250 per day until I have spent ₱116,545.24 to earn ₱887,085.00 in return.

Would You Spend ₱116,545.24 to earn ₱887,085.00 back?

Now, you might be thinking:

"I don't have that amount to spend on Facebook"

Here's the thing.

Hindi mo kailangan nang ganung kalaking pera sa simula.

Simula ka lang muna sa ₱100 per day hanggang sa may makuha ka ng sales.

It's not just me. Other people I've coached have done it as well!

Here's a case study of Marife Rosas.

She used the Facebook Ad Strategies that I gave her to build her own Infopreneur Business to make ₱139,940 in sales!

She started with only a ₱100 per day!

Case Study: Cynthia Fuller

Case Study: Marife Rosas

Case Study: Rommel Jacoble

All you need is a ₱100 Budget per day to get started on Facebook and you can stop it anytime you wish!

Let me ask you this: will you stop spending ₱100 per day if you know you're making ₱200 or more back?

That's right!

"I would keep spending ₱100 per day everyday if I can earn double the amount or more every single time!"

HACK #2: How To Generate A Consistent 6 to 7 Figure Income Even If You Don’t Have A Product To Sell Or You Are Not A Techie Person

You might be wondering, what if you don't have a product?

What if you don't have an eBook or a Course to sell?

What if you don't have ANYTHING to sell?

You don't need to have your OWN Product To Make Money On Facebook!

Would you agree if someone else has a product to sell and you can help them sell their products, it's only FAIR that you keep a portion of the profits?

Would you agree if you helped a company increase their sales that they would pay you a good amount of money in exchange for your help?

If you KNOW how to market on Facebook, you can sell almost anything online!

You can sell other people's products and get paid a GOOD Commission!

You can sell other people's products as a marketer.

You can get a commission for every sale that you make.

Here's a screenshot of the commissions I've made by selling other people's products.

You can even sell products from different countries and get paid in US Dollars!

Sell Other People's Products And Get Commissions In US Dollars!

You Can Even Use Facebook To Sell Your MLM Products Or Sponsor More Downlines And Earn Weekly Cheques

You can even get paid by helping other companies market their products.

Become A Freelance Facebook Advertiser And Get Paid Per Project Or By The Hour 

You Can Use Facebook Marketing To Sell Real Estate If You're An Agent

Wouldn't You Agree That Facebook Marketing Is The Highest Paid Skill Today That You Can Do For Your Business Or For Someone Else?

HACK #3: How You Can Start Today By Just Following Simple, Time-Saving Templates That Will Help You Earn ₱100,000 In The Next 90 Days Regardless Of Where You Are In The World

Paano kung sasabihin ko sa'yo na makakapagsimula ka NGAYONG ARAW by following simple, time-saving templates?

Just imagine if you can make ₱100,000 in next 90 days regardless of where you are in the world.

If you are a member of any Facebook Group that's selling products online...

Or you have friends on Facebook that have a business of selling products...

Try posting this script below on the FB Group or on your FB profile.


Hey Friends, I know many of us do not have the time and money to waste just trying to learn FB Ads Marketing for our business. 

Right now, I am currently learning Facebook Ads to sell products on Facebook. 

How many of you would like to team up so I can do your Facebook Ads for you For FREE without paying me anything? 

PM if you want to work together.

You can revise the script and use your own words.

This way, your friends will know that it is coming from you.

Pwede mo ring i-Tagalog para mas magmukhang sa'yo galing yung script.

When people are starting to private message (PM) you, you can tell them that they'll be the one to shoulder the Ad Costs and they don't have to pay you for your service.

"Wait! How Can I Get Paid If I'll Be Doing It For FREE?"

If you're a beginner in Facebook Ads, no one's going to pay you yet if you can't show them RESULTS.

You'll start out by doing it for FREE to other people so that you can get RESULTS and TESTIMONIALS from them.

Wouldn't you agree if you can show your clients that you've helped other people make a ton of profit on Facebook that they're willing to PAY YOU to get the same results for them and their business?

Not only will you get RESULTS and TESTIMONIALS, you can also gain experience by NOT spending your own money on the Ad Costs.

Case Study: Violeta Depalog

Facebook Marketing Is A Skill That Can Be Learned By Anyone

Now Let's Talk About How This Can Change Your Life

  • Are you just like me who want to make enough money for your family?
  • Are you tired of your job that's not paying you enough?
  • Pagod ka na ba mag-invite at bentahan ang iyong mga kaibigan, kamag-anak, kakilala?
  • check
    Are you tired of hearing your spouse telling you that you should work more to earn more?
  • check
    Are you the breadwinner of your family and you just want to be able to support them?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then what I'm about to REVEAL to you will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Is It Ok If I Share With You The System That Will Help You Get Started In Facebook Marketing?

Introducing The Digital Start-Up Toolkit

Here's What You'll Get Inside (1 Year Full Access):

Facebook Marketing Masterclass (Valued At ₱29,997)

This is a full module course on Facebook Marketing that is designed specifically for beginners to advanced marketers.

It is a Step-By-Step and Video-Based Training With Live Examples And Case Studies

Learn how you can market your own products, other people's products or become a Freelance FB Marketer for local and foreign clients.

Income Generating System For NON-TECHIE People

(Valued At ₱19,997

This is a 4 module course that will DEMONSTRATE to you how you can set up your own income generating system that will automate your business even if you are a NON-Techie Person.

It is a Step-By-Step and Do-As-I-Do Training With Examples To Follow.

Tools & Time-Saving, Done-For-You Templates 

(Valued At ₱24,997

Every income-generating system requires the proper tools such as your own website, your own registered domain name, hosting with CPanel, Unlimited Email Accounts, website builder, membership plugins, etc.

Inside the Toolkit, you will get all the tools properly installed for you so you DON'T have to PAY extra for these tools.

It is a PERFECT For Non-Techie, Beginners and even Advanced Marketers!

BONUS: Exclusive Online Coaching For 6 Months! 

(Valued At ₱29,997

Would you agree that every beginner needs a coach?

Would you agree that you will encounter obstacles in starting your business?

Then, you would also agree that having a coach who will hold your hand and help motivate you will greatly improve your success rate?

Total Value of ₱104,988!

If The Digital Start-Up Toolkit Did Everything As Promised...

If you're a Networker and all DSUT did for you was help you Sponsor 20 More Downlines PER Month In Your Network WITHOUT Inviting Your Family & Friends,...

Would It Be Worth More Than 104,988?

If you're an eBook Seller & Author and all DSUT did for you was help you sell a ₱500 eBook per day everyday for 365 days,...

Would It Be Worth More Than 104,988?

Let’s say you became a Freelance Facebook Marketer and charged foreign clients for $500 to $1,000 per month per client,...

Would It Be Worth More Than 104,988?

Now, I have 2 Choices

I could price the DSUT really HIGH so that I can focus on Coaching ONLY those PEOPLE who are SERIOUS


I could price DSUT really LOW so that I can serve more people, but at the same time get students who are LAZY

So, Here's What I've Decided

I decided to go somewhere in the middle where I could get people who are SERIOUS AND at the same time make it AFFORDABLE so I can serve more people.

Get Digital Start-Up Toolkit Today For Only...

₱104,988 ₱15,997 For 1 Year!

Get A ₱2,000 Discount

Use Coupon Code: ​"TimeLimitedDiscount"

₱15,997 ₱13,997 For 1 Year!

Here's What Other People Are Saying

Tetchie Fellera-Baldoza

Entrepreneur Mom

" Sana pala, dito muna ako nag-enroll, ahaha, mas mura pa sa ****, ahaha

Tetchie Fellera-Baldoza

Cynthia Fuller

Founder Of  & Stock Market Investor

"Doc salamuch po sa pagtyaga mong pag guide sa akin. Dahil dyan, this month ay 74k na ang net income ko. Salamuch sa DSUT & sa coaching mo dahil properly guided ako. Sinasabi mo na ang mga next step na dapat kong gawin para mabilis ko ma achieve ang goal ko. Saka talagang saludo ako sa tyaga mong sumagot sa araw araw na pagtatanong ko syo. Hehe. Salamuch po ulit!"

Cynthia Fuller

Alexander Saroca, MD

Founder of Tabachoy Academy & Ultimate Health Code

"Good afternoon guys! I want to celebrate my very first sale with you. Just about when I am starting to doubt if this is still right for me, biglang eto ang sagot. The first sale will always be the sweetest! Maraming salamat to all especially to Doc Lloyd who held my hand when I was lost in this venture. Simula pa lang ito. Never stop believing in yourself! Cheers to our group & more power to DSUT!"

- Dr. Alex Saroca

Ralph Loyola

Networker At Sultan Kudarat

"Sana noon pa ako nag enrol sa dsut.. buti na lang nakita ko tong course mo....Totoo naman talaga. As in kumpleto na. Yung advance fb ads pa lang sulit na." 

- Ralph Loyola

Rodel Melad

Civil Engineer, Founder of

"Got my first Sale after launching my website in few hours! Salamat Master Doc Lloyd! God is good all the time!"

- Rodel Melad

Here Are Some Proof Of Payments

Get Digital Start-Up Toolkit Today For Only...

₱104,988 ₱15,997 For 1 Year!

Get A ₱2,000 Discount

Use Coupon Code: "TimeLimitedDiscount"

₱15,997 ₱13,997 For 1 Year!

Payment Methods Accepted:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is This A One-Time Payment?

The Digital Start-Up Toolkit (DSUT) Gold is a yearly payment and the Digital Start-Up Toolkit (DSUT) Silver is paid every 6 months. We use your payment to maintain your website's domain name, hosting, tools, security and other maintenance. You will also receive regular updates on the training videos inside our Member's Area.

Can I Cancel My Subscription Anytime?

Yes, you may cancel your subscription anytime if you no longer wish to renew. However, your website will become deactivated as we would no longer be able to maintain your website. Email us at [email protected] or send us a message directly on our Facebook Page.

Is There Anything I'll Spend On?

Yes, there are a couple of things you still need to spend on. You still need to spend on your Autoresponder and Ads Costs. We have our recommended autoresponders that will allow you to get Free autoresponder service for 30 Days or up to 500 subscribers depending on the autoresponder.

Estimated Time To Complete

The DSUT Training contains 5 modules. Each module can be completed in approximately 1 to 2 weeks. If you are able to do each module and apply each step, you should be able to complete all the modules in 10 weeks.

Do I Need To Be Good In Computers?

You just need to be know some basics about computers such as opening emails and browsing the web, registering for accounts, filling up forms, etc. No computer programming or coding skills needed.

Is There A Guarantee I'll Earn?

We do NOT and will NOT guarantee your earnings. All results are based on your own effort and actions. This is a business that requires some work to get started. It is also NOT an investment or MLM company.

Is It Compatible With PC or Mac?

Yes! Digital Start-Up Toolkit (DSUT) is compatible with PC or Mac. The training videos can be viewed on any device (iPhone, Android, Tablet). However, website creation should be used on a desktop or laptop computer.

Do You Have Any Training or Support

Yes, DSUT offers various training and support. Currently, we have 4 Modules that will help every beginning entrepreneur establish their business online. We are always updating our training modules to the current trends of the market.

Do You Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

We currently do NOT offer any Money-Back Guarantee for the DSUT.  All Credit Card / PayPal payments  will be automatically charged every year a request for cancellation has been made.  Cancellation can be done at anytime. Please read our Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Do You Offer Other Modes Of Payment?

Yes, we accept Credit Card and PayPal payments as well as offline payments via LBC, Palawan Express, Western Union, Cebuana Lhuillier, MLhuillier, MoneyGram, BPI Bank Deposits / Transfers.  All online payments are processed via PayPal including Credit Card Payments.


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