Back-To-Zero Video Case Study Reveals...

How You Can Acquire Leads For Less Than ₱5 Per Lead Even If You're Starting From Zero

Here's What You'll Discover In This Video:

  • The Most Important Asset You Need To Have In Your Business (It's Not Capital, It's Not Your Employees, It's Not Even A High Quality Product)
  • The Framework Of Internet Marketing That Works On Different Industries Including, But Not Limited To: MLM, Real Estate, Insurance, Digital Publishing, E-Commerce
  • How To Quickly Run Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns On Your First Try Even If You're Back To Zero

Here's A Summary Of What You'll Get Inside The Back-To-Zero Case Study Series (₱25,000 Value)

  • How To Secure Your Business On Facebook And Prevent A Catastrophe Of Losing Everything In A Blink Of An Eye
  • You Need To Have Your Own Product or Service To Sell on Facebook To Earn Money, Right? Wrong! ... Discover The Top 5 Websites That You Can Get Products From And Sell Even The Products Are Not Yours
  • How To Do In-Depth Research About Your Target Market So That You Would Know What Hot Buttons To Push And Get Them To Beg You To Buy Your Product
  • What You Should Never Do On Facebook Ads That Will Instantly Get Your Account Banned Forever And The Simple Hack To Prevent This From Happening To You
  • How To Get Hundreds Of Social Proofs On Your Facebook Ads That Subconsciously Increases Your Conversion Rates
  • Have You Been Posting Your Products on Facebook Pages and Groups and No One's Buying? It's Not Your Fault! ... You've Been Fooled By Fake Mentors Pretending To Know How To Market Online Just To Recruit You
  • How To Apply The 2-Minute PoPlauPro Strategy That Will Help You Create An Ad That Is Approved By Facebook 
  • How To Automate And Scale Your Business To 7-Figures While Maintaining A Low-Risk Business 

Total Package Value: ₱25,000 

Launching Price: ₱5,997 Only

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