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Case Study #1: Turning a LOSING Campaign into a 214% ROI WINNER Using ConnectExplore

To put ConnectExplore to the ultimate test, we set up a split-test to see the true power of our Layering Feature. We created one ad with no layering, and another with layering enabled.

The result? By enabling layering the campaign was immediately profitable with a whopping 214% ROI (turning every $1 into more than $3).

We were very excited by the test results.

The software obviously had huge potential to help businesses target the right interests.

However, our own results weren’t enough. We asked a small group of beta testers to try it out and report back.

We had to make sure both new AND experienced marketers found the tool easy-to-use . . . and produced the same kind of amazing results we were seeing in our own campaigns.

The results blew our entire development team away.

Case Study #2: Beta Tester Makes Jaw-Dropping $9633 Net Profit From One Campaign

Our beta-tester Luuk recently started a brand new Shopify store in a niche he has never entered before.

Instead of spending hours on research, he decided to give ConnectExplore a go.

The result?

He spent $2,153 on ads, resulting in a whopping $19,508 in sales within just a few weeks!

Taking his product costs into account, this campaign resulted in a $9,633 NET PROFIT.

That's right - a 347% ROI without searching for any interests!

Watch the case study video below for all the details:

After seeing these phenomenal results, we decided it was time to release this much-needed targeting tool to ALL Facebook™ marketers.

Watch The Demo Video Below To Discover How ConnectExplore Effortlessly Maximizes YOUR Conversions

Complete Video Training Provided

It goes without saying you’ll be provided with full video-based training on how to make the most of ConnectExplore and the entire Suite. You’ll be able to get profitable Facebook™ campaigns up in no time flat - without any guesswork.

If you get stuck, help is as close by as our friendly, helpful support desk. (You can access the support desk from directly inside your ConnectExplore dashboard.)

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