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Who Is This Paid Ads Training Program For?

Multi-Level Marketers

Coaches & Consultants

Digital Product Sellers


Seminar & Event Organizers

Real Estate Agents

How To Create A 100,000 to 250,000 Per Month (Or More) Business With Paid Ads Starting With A 100/Day Budget

If You Want To Get Your Business To Start Generating A 6 to 7-Figure Monthly Income Then This Is Going To Be The Most Important Message You'll Read Today...

Dear Entrepreneur,

As you might not yet know, Facebook is still the most dominant and most popular social media platform today.

Even with the rise of LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, etc., their combined users do not begin to compare with the number of monthly active users on Facebook (that's 2.7 Billion Monthly Active Users). 

So if you want to generate more Customers or Clients, you need to learn how to do paid advertising on Facebook.

Because it is very likely that almost all your potential customers, clients, and buyers are hanging out in the same place, Facebook!

If you've already started with Facebook Advertising, ask yourself this, "Have you been getting the results that you want?"

Maybe you've already built a Facebook Page, received some likes, posted some content, but you do not know what the next course of action is.

Maybe you have invested a sum of money through FB advertising, but you have not been seeing the returns.

Perhaps you are uncertain, confused, frustrated...

There is a lot more to marketing on FB than just raking up a bunch of 'likes' and 'boosting posts' (don't do these, by the way - they don't convert into sales)

Announcing The Complete Step-By-Step FB Ads Training Program To Give Your Business 10X More Leads, More Customers & More Sales 

So You Will Never Have To Rely On Spamming, Posting on FB Groups, Begging For Referrals, Or Any Ineffective Methods Again...

FB Ads Training Program is designed for both beginners and advanced marketers who want to learn FB Ads and want to sharpen their skills.

In this online training program, you will discover the secrets on how to create, not just Facebook Ads, but also Instagram Ads effectively, how to optimize for better results, and ultimately generate qualified leads and profitable sales.

How Is The FB Ads Training Program Different?

Backed By Results
This Program is the result of hundreds of Ad Campaigns and tens of thousands of US Dollars in Ad spend.

Action Oriented
Straight-to-the-point tutorials with easy-to-follow, actionable steps as you go through each of the videos.

Tried And Tested
Unlike other Courses out there, I recognize that FB always changes. However the principle is sound.

Here's A Sneak Peek Inside The Training Program...

30 Very Detailed Step-By-Step Training Videos

Beginner Level FB Ads

Video #01 - How To Create A Facebook Business Account - For Solopreneurs & Agencies

Video #02 - How To Create Ad Account

Video #03 - How To Add A Payment Method

Video #04 - How To Edit Business Settings

Video #05 - How To Add A Facebook Page Or Create FB Page

Video #06 - Ads Manager Column Setup [For Lead Generation Marketers]

Video #07 - Ads Manager Column Setup [For E-Commerce Sellers]

Video #08 - How To Create A Facebook Tracking Pixel

Video #09 - How To Add A Facebook Tracking Pixel On WordPress

Video #10 - How To Add A Lead Event Code On Page

Video #11 - Installing The Facebook Pixel Helper

Video #12 - How To Write Your Ad Creatives

Intermediate Level FB Ads

Video #13 - How To Create Campaign Conversions For Lead Generation

Video #14 - How To Use Campaign and Ad Objectives

Video #15 - How To Use The Built-In Video Maker In Ads Manager

Video #16 - Simple Split-Test Campaign Example

Video #17 - Security Measure - How To Set Ad Spend Limit So you don't spend more than your budget can hold

Video #18 - How To Spy On Other People's FB Ads - Page Transparency - Helps You To Get Inspiration From Other People's Winning Ads

Advanced Level FB Ads

Video #19 - How To Optimize And Split Test FB Ads - Helps You Find Winning Ads

Video #20 - How To Duplicate Ad Sets Correctly - This Prevents Disruption of the Algorithm

Video #21 - How To Create Custom Audiences The Right Way

Video #22 - How To Add Customer List To Audiences - Puts your Warm & Hot List on FB

Video #23 - How To Create Lookalike Audience - Helps You Get Warm & Hot Market from your existing audiences

Video #24 - How To Do FB Retargeting - Shows you how to target your Warm & Hot Market

Video #25 - Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) - When do you use it over Adset Budget Optimization?

Video #26 - How To Delete Unused Page Posts

Video #27 - What To Do If Your Facebook Ad Account Gets Disabled

Video #28 - What To Do With Hater Comments

Video #29 - How To View Breakdown And Analyze Your Results

Video #30 - My Personal Favorite Facebook Ad Hacks

What Happens If You Don't Learn FB Ads?

Before I get to the price, first let us see how much it would cost you if you do NOT learn FB Advertising today...

  • You will run out of prospects, customers, clients for your business. Just imagine how much that would cost you?
  • You will always be hungry to find customers & buyers for your business.
  • You will always be nagging your friends, family, neighbors & co-workers to give you referrals.
  • You are going to keep on pitching your products on your FB Profile, spamming different FB Groups, hoping to make at least a sale, which you already know, doesn't work very well!
  • You will always be a few clicks away from reaching out to your ideal Customers and Clients.
  • Your customers will always go to your competitors who know how to run FB Ads.
  • Your competitors will always make more sales than you will ever have because they know how to run FB Ads and you don't.
  • You will be hiring FB Advertisers and spend ₱25,000 - ₱75,000 per month or more.

How much are you losing every day, every month, every year for not getting prospects, customers, clients for your business?

Depending on your niche or industry, there is a very high chance some of your competitors already are using FB Ads to get more customers and sales for their businesses.

In fact, many of them have probably hired FB advertisers from agencies.

So what happens to those who can't run FB Ads and those who can't afford to run FB Ads?

Those who aren't willing to learn and adapt?

Eventually, they are the ones who go OUT OF BUSINESS!

DON'T let that be you!

Generate Leads & Sales And Take Your Business To The Next Level...

It is important to be FB literate these days.

Agencies charge ₱25,000 - ₱75,000 a month, sometimes MORE to run ads for businesses.

If you want to be able to run FB Ads for your business, the good news is it will not cost you anywhere near that.

For just ₱19,997 ₱12,997 ₱6,997 ₱1,797 today, you will get instant access to this Complete FB Training Program which will enable you to take immediate action and learn how to do your own FB marketing.

With this new set of skills, you are also about to do it for other businesses within your vicinity or network

Why is the price so low?

Other Training programs on FB Ads found on the internet would sell much higher.

Some would offer $997 or ₱50,000 for the same content or even less modules and lessons. Some are offered by so called "gurus" with no marketing background whatsover.

Our FB Ads Training Program is designed for specifically for entrepreneurs who are on a tight budget. We understand what it's like to lose money on our business, lose money on prospects/leads that don't buy our services or products. We understand that every cent counts.

Unfortunately, we can't hold this price any longer.

The price will have to increase eventually.

Now, You Have 3 Options

Option #1: Try and do FB Ads on your own to try and save money. You can do trial and error and waste how many days, months or even years trying to learn it. Who knows how much you'll be spending on your Ads before you can finally crack the code.

Option #2: Hire a Facebook Ad agency for ₱25,000 - ₱75,000 a month to run FB Ads for your business. There's no guarantee they'll be able to increase your sales high enough that you can pay your costs to hire them.

Option #3: Become knowledgeable about FB Ads and learn from expert marketers with hundreds of thousands worth of experience. Learn the strategies behind 7-Figure campaigns and how to apply them in your business. You can become your own FB Marketer. You control how much sales you want to make, how much profit you want to generate.

Get Lifetime Access For ₱19,997 ₱12,997 6,997


One-Time Payment of ONLY ₱1,797!

But Wait! Get These Fast Action Bonuses!

Fast Action Bonus #1: FB Messenger Marketing (₱400 Value)

  • Find out how the marketing experts use the power of Facebook messengers to triple their income and connect with buyers in their markets!
  • Uncover these proven time-saving strategies by using automation tools to expand your business, effortlessly!
  • Learn how you can design a chatbot for your market that will resonate with your core audience!
  • Discover how easy it is to find your target market regardless of niche and convert them into buyers!

Fast Action Bonus #2: Recurring Income Strategies (₱400 Value)

  • Find out how you begin to generate recurring revenue following one powerful model that works for every business!
  • Building passive income channels isn't difficult when you tap into the popularity of this one recurring income channel that continues to grow month after month! 
  • Discover how you can integrate a supercharged recurring revenue business system into your business starting today!
  • Learn how hundreds of online businesses have skyrocketed their yearly income with multiple recurring income streams that feed off one another!

Fast Action Bonus #3: Story Telling Marketing (₱500 Value)

  • Discover how powerful a story can be when integrated into your marketing campaigns! This style of authority-building will help connect you with die-hard fans in your market!
  • Boosting exposure and skyrocketing sales is drop-dead easy when you power up your campaigns with the right story. Find out what style of story-telling will resonate with your core audience and motivate them into becoming part of your tribe!
  • Story-telling puts you in a position of power and influence. You'll be able to level up your marketing game while minimizing ad costs!
  • Uncover the different styles of story-telling and how to choose the best one for your business easily! 

Fast Action Bonuses: Total Value of ₱1,300!

Get Lifetime Access For ₱19,997 ₱12,997 6,997

One-Time Payment of ONLY ₱797!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who does this work for?
A: FB Ads is highly versatile. As long as you have something to sell, and it’s acceptable by Facebook Ad Policies, this will work for you. You can sell physical products, digital products, real estate properties, insurance, virtual classes or your services as a freelancer.

Q: How much ad spend should I set aside?
A: You can set a budget for ₱100 to ₱250 per day. You can increase your ad spend later as you get more confident and understand how FB Ads work.

Q: Are there any upsells after I purchase?
A: No, there aren't any upsells after. This is everything that will be offered to you.

Q: After I make my payment, when and how do I get the product?
A: All the videos are uploaded in our member's area. You'll be to download them once your purchase has been verified. Verification of offline payments is usually less than 24 hours and within 2 minutes for online payments done via Credit Card or PayPal.

If you have any other questions before you make a purchase, please send us an email at: [email protected].

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