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I’ve already researched the internet (Google, Youtube)  for MONTHS ... looking for the steps to make money on ONLINE....

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From The Desk Of Lloyd Labso, MD

Dear Entrepreneur,

I’m really excited, because I want to give you access to the Proven System that helped my business generate over P3 Million in Revenue Last Year.

Gusto ko ibigay sa'yo dahil gusto kong "gayahin" mo ito sa iyong business.

But before you apply it on your business, let me take you back to how I started and the source of my inspiration...that changed my life forever.

Back Then, The Only Business I Knew Was  Multi-Level Marketing or Food Cart

When I first started 3+ years ago, I had no idea how to start a business.

I was just a student in Medical School.

The first business I started was, you guessed it, MLM or Network Marketing.

I tried selling soaps, beauty products, supplements, etc.

One thing I realized, I was selling the same products everybody else were selling.

I had no advantage over my competitors (The thousands of distributors in the same company).

I event tried starting a food cart business. I sold siomai, sisig, lumpia and hotdog with rice called "Rice Toppings".

After 3 months, it failed miserably. I lost P100,000 on the food cart. That money I wasn't even mine. The was the last of my mother's money in her bank account after she passed away.

So, I started learning about selling products on the internet.

I enrolled in courses and read books using the money I earned from selling soaps.

I discovered how tons of people were making money online!

They were selling digital products like eBooks!

"Hindi ko maintindihan... They were selling eBooks! People actually buy eBooks even if the information is already on the internet?

Hindi Ko Gets!"

Akala ko imposible! I searched for months and months.

The same thing happened.

I studied different "gurus" and all of them sold a digital product like an eBook!

...Ordinary People earning Massive Income

$1 Million+ A Month...


In Pesos, that's P50+ Million! Hindi talaga ako makapaniwala

How is that even possible?

Kailangan ko talaga malaman paano nila ito ginagawa.

But Here's My Problem...

I don't have an eBook or any Digital Product to sell

Many of them have written their own eBooks. Some of them are coaches who have created their own courses. A few of them even sold softwares created by their own programmers.

And I realized...I'm not a writer or an author. I'm not a coach or a mentor, I can't create my own course. I'm not a programmer or I don't have the Capital to hire programmers. I searched for several days again...

I found a website called Clickbank.  It's an Affiliate Network where other people can promote digital products in their Affiliate Marketplace.

This is where I learned that I can sell Digital Products I did not create or I don't own.
One example of such Digital Product was called: Venus Factor.

They have a very simple website:

 1 Short Headline and 1 Video 

Take A Look Below

Can You Imagine It's That Simple?

Women Are Going Nuts Over This!

I still didn't know at that time this simple website is making a ton of money, possibly $1 Million A Month!

The website is just so simple. There's 1 Headline and 1 Video!

No Menu's, No Blog, No Articles. Just a plain simple website.

After watching the video, the product comes up with the price and the Buy Button.

I Started Promoting Products From Different Affiliate Sites

Making Money In US Dollars!

Ready To Start Earning Money In Your Own Digital Business?

...And Finally Crack The Code

With my Proven System (Digital Start-Up Toolkit), what you will get is a complete Step-By-Step Video Training and Complete Set of Up-To-Date Tools available in the Market Today!

Who Is This For?

  • Beginning Non-Techie Online Entrepreneurs
  • Authors Who Want To Sell Their Books Online
  • Coaches Who Want To Sell Courses Online
  • Affiliate Marketers who want to sell other people's digital products to earn commissions
  • Internet Marketers who want to learn how to professionally get leads online using Facebook

Easily Start Your Own Income Generating Website

Even If You're Non-Techie Beginner

You'll be able create Websites with Unlimited Landing Pages, Optin Pages, Sales Pages, and many more! All your pages can be viewed on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Capture Leads With The Super Easy-To-Use Drag & Drop Builder

It Is So Easy, Even Your Grandmother Can Do It!

You Want To Sell An eBook?

Even If You're Not A Writer

Our All-In-One System can be used to sell your own eBook, or somebody else's eBook.

Instantly deliver your digital products to your customers.

You don't need to get another hosting account for your digital products. You and your customers can access them in one website making it convenient for everybody!

You Want To Sell A Course?

Without Hiring Freelancers

Our All-In-One System can be also be used to sell digital courses.

You'll easily able to create your own course membership area using our Copy-Paste Templates.

Restricting access to non-buyers is so easy that you're children could do it.

Inside The 
Digital Start-Up Toolkit

Here's Just A Preview of What You'll Get Inside DSUT:

  • Learn How To Generate An Unlimited Leads Or Prospects For Your Business
  • Turn Any Non-Techie Beginner To A Professional Internet Marketer
  • Learn To Target Buyers On Facebook And Watch Your Sales Skyrocket
  • Psychological Tricks that will Effortlessly Convince People to Buy Your Product.
  • Copy-Paste Templates To Easily Jumpstart Your Business In 30 Days Or Less!
  • Build Instant Authority Using Our Stash Of Mouth-Watering Free Lead Magnets That You Can Use As Your Own.
  • Our Fail-Proof Internet Marketing Strategy Will Almost Guarantee You'll Get Results
  • Create Your Own eBook With Highly Attractive Graphics And Headlines That Will Surely Catch Your Readers Attention 
  • Establish Yourself As An Expert In Your Industry and Get Your Visitors Excited The First Time They See Your Website  
  • Dominate Your Market By Having An Online Presence Accessible 24/7
  • Easily Create Professional-Looking Websites That Generate Leads And Sales Without Hiring Expensive Freelance Website Developers

You Can Take Any Of Our 256+ Landing Page Templates, Optin Pages, Thank You Pages, Sales Pages, Member's Area Pages

Model Them For Your Business...

So you can immediately start your own business, or apply them to your existing business to generate more leads, more prospects, more sales, more profit!

If You Don't Know How To Stand Out And Get An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition, You Have Almost NO Chance Of Succeeding.

Here's The Best Part:

This works for almost any kind of industry:

It works for


It works for

Real Estate

It works for


Access All

5 Modular Training Videos

Module 1 - Profitability, Product Research, Prospects

  • Learn How To Choose A Profitable Niche In One Of The 12 Evergreen and Good-As-Gold Niches In The Market Today
  • Learn To Find Affiliate Products With High Profitability Even If You Don't Have Your Own Product Developed Yet
  • Discover How To Easily Create Your Own eBook That You Can Sell To Maximize Profit
  • Magnetic Prospecting Using Lead Magnets So You Only Attract People You Want To Work With And Avoid Rejection
  • Design Your Own eBook Cover Like A Professional Without Hiring Freelancers
  • How To Convert Your eBook Cover To 3D So That It Attracts Buyers & Repels Beggars

Module 2 - Lead Generation & Sales Funnel Creation

  • How To Pick Your Domain Name And Avoid Being Flagged As Suspicious 
  • Free Done-For-You Hosting and Wordpress Installation 
  • How To Create Lead Generating Optin Pages So You Can Create An Email List Of Potential Buyers And Filter Out Tire-Kickers
  • Create Simple Thank You Pages That Build Trust And Avoid Confusion
  • How To Capture Visitors So That They'll Come Back And Buy For Sure!
  • How To Build A Sales Page For Your Own Digital Product (eBook, Audiobook or Course) That Converts Visitors To Buyers
  • How To A Create A Blog or Product Review That Automatically Sells Affiliate Products For You Even While Your'e Sleeping 
  • Build Professional-Looking Websites Without Hiring Expensive Freelancer Web Developers

Module 3 - Follow-Up Funnel Using Email Marketing

  • How To Set-Up Your Autoresponder And Get 30 Days Free!
  • How To TURN People You Don't Know To Customers Who Are Craving For Your Products And Offers
  • How To Automate Your Sales Promotion And Generate Sales Even While You Are Sleeping or Taking A Vacation
  • How To Use Promote Your Products To People WITHOUT Being Salesy or Pushy
  • How To Capture Visitors So That They'll Come Back And Buy For Sure!
  • How To A Create A Blog or Product Review That Automatically Sells Affiliate Products For You Even While Your'e Sleeping 
  • The 5 Do's And Don'ts To Get Better Open Rates & Click Rates
  • 7 Psychological Tricks To Make People Want To Receive Your Email And Lower Your Unsubscribe and Complaint Rates
  • BONUS: Recorded Email Copywriting Lecture From Allan Ngo (Digital Solopreneur)

Module 4 - Facebook Mastery Course

  • Discover The Most Important Hack On Facebook That Many Businesses Miss Out That's Why They Lose Millions In Potential Revenue
  • How To Set-Up Your Accounts Properly To Prevent Bans And Suspension
  • How To Target Your Ideal Customers Who Just Can't Wait To Buy Your Products
  • How To Determine If You're Going To Generate Profit And Avoid Loss Using The Only Key Performance Indicators You Should Track
  • How To Find An Unlimited Amount Of Buyers From Your Existing Customers Who Have Already Purchased Your Product
  • How To Make Potential Buyers To Come Back In Case They Forget To Purchase
  • How To Scale To 7-Figures Using Ad Budget Optimization And Lookalike Audiences
  • How To Create A Simple Ad Image That Makes People Stop Scrolling Their Newsfeed
  • How To Write Compelling Ad Copy That Makes People Click And Grab Your Offer Instantly Without Any Hesitation

Module 5 - Sell Your Own Product (eBook Or Course)

  • How To Create An Online Course And Sell It For $97, $297 or even $497!
  • How To Create Your Membership Area To Protect Your eBooks And Courses From Piracy & Leechers
  • How To Set Up Your Payment Systems: Both Online (PayPal & Credit Card) & Offline Payments (GCash, Bank, LBC, Palawan Express, MLhuillier, Cebuana LHuillier, Western Union, MoneyGram)
  • How To Create Your Checkout Forms That Increase Sales Conversions. It's like having your own 24/7 Cashier That Handles Payments
  • How To Deliver Your Digital Product To Your Customers Automatically Preventing Complaints And Refunds
  • Get Notified On Your Mobile Device When A $ale Is Made!
  • How To Set-Up An Affiliate System or Program To Scale Your Business To 6-Figures and even 7-Figures! It's like having your own sales team that sells your products even while you sleep.

Wait That's Not All!

You'll Get All These Bonuses Absolutely FREE!

Here are The Bonuses that you're going to get (Updated Regulary)

  • A Full Website With Your Own Name And Templates Installed, Up And Running In 24 or less or Less!
  • Domain Name Registration For 1 Year (₱500 / year value)
  • Reliable Hosting That is 99.99% Uptime (₱2,000 / year value
  • Drag and Drop Funnel Builder That Is Perfect For Non-Techie Beginners Who Don't Want To Hire Expensive Website Developers (₱12,000 / year value)
  • Make Your Website Communications Secure With SSL Certificate (₱997 / year value)
  • Free Lead Magnets That Makes You An Instant Authority Figure In Your Niche So That People Can't Wait To Hear About Your Product (₱9,997 / year value)
  • Create Checkout Forms To Accept Payments From PayPal / Credit Card / Offline Payments (₱7,700 / year value)
  • Sell Your eBooks and Courses Inside Your Own Protected Member's Area (₱7,700 / year value)
  • Done For You Landing Page Templates (Optin Pages, Thank You Pages, Sales Pages, Download Page, Member's Area Pages) (₱19,997 / year value)
  • Write Sales Pages Like A Pro In 1 Hour or Less (₱2,997 / year value)
  • Ask Anything When You Don't Understand. I'll Open My Facebook Messenger To Anyone For The Whole Year! (₱29,997 / year value)
  • Need A Group Of Like-Minded Individuals Who Will Push You So That You Don't Procrastinate? Need People Who Will Inspire You When You Feel Like Quitting? You'll Be Included In Our Facebook Group Chat (Priceless)

Domain Name

₱500 / year value

Reliable Hosting

₱2,000 / year value

Funnel Builder

₱12,000 / year value

SSL Certificate

₱997 / year value

Free Lead Magnets

₱9,997 / year value

Forms & Membership

₱7,700 / year value


₱19,997 / year value

Mentoring Via FB Messenger

₱29,997 / year value

Support Group


Total Value  ₱104,988

Get Everything For Only ₱15,997 A Year

You Just Need 1 Profit-Generating Website That Captures Leads & Sells Products Automatically

To Reach Financial Freedom

Still Not Convinced?

Here's What Our Members Are Saying


nkatanggap po ako ng $250 dahil yan sa course ni Doc Lloyd

Jingo Thompson - OFW - Australia

"Naturo sa akin ni Doc Lloyd ung systematic na pagfe-Facebook advertising...Alam nyo po, first time kong nakakuha ng client na foreigner, Australian, napakasaya! 2 hours ko lang ginawa, nkatanggap po ako ng $250 dahil yan sa course ni Doc Lloyd.


Sobrang delivered Doc

Violeta Depalog - Teacher / Investor

I see and feel your dedication in helping us succeed also like you, in bringing us from our messy, uncomfortable, painful islands towards our dream islands.

Sobrang delivered Doc. kulang na lang ikaw pa ang kakain ng niluto mo nang pagkain para sa amin. Hindi matutumbasan ng financial value ang mga changes sa aking journey as a transitioning teacher-OFW to becoming a Full-time online entrepreneur.

May, nagmessage nga sa akin, i-mentor ko raw sa gaya ng ginagawa ko, writing ebooks, creating courses and selling them online, while investing in stocks, and the first thing that comes to my mind is "ahh si Doc ang mas makakatulong sa 'yo'.

For me, one stop shop na kasi ang DSUT/SMM for digital entrepreneurs. I will be proud to recommend you Doc and DSUT.


I never regretted my decision

Cynthia Fuller - Mother, Author

I am one of those who availed DSUT. I never regretted my decision for the reason that Doc Lloyd is the best coach. He sees what is good and bad for your niche, website, ebook and likes.

I am recommending this to everyone who has inclination on online marketing. Bec of him, I am getting good feedbacks on my niche as well, from my website to my ebook. I haven't launched my website yet but doc Lloyd helped me alot.

I already have 3 people in my list who wants to hire me as their coach.

Imagine that? A newbie like me, likewise sees a better outlook of my target market. Combine the eagerness to help people with your passion on your niche - you will end up being like Coach Lloyd. Winner!!! "


Bat ngayon nyo lng ako napabili ng dsut!!!

Lorna Yan -

"Doc Lloydddd, grabe!!! Ang organized ng dsut. Step by step. Nalalaman ko anong kulang at mali sa mga ginawa ko. Bat ngayon nyo lng ako napabili ng dsut!!! ? Dapat dati pa! Ang dami ko ng nasayang na effort at pera huhu. Browses the videos and the kit is giving me a TOTAL SENSE OF DIRECTION kahit ndi ko pa napanood lahat. Thank u! U are an ?"


The first sale will always be the sweetest!

Alexander Saroca, MD - Physician

The first sale will always be the sweetest! Maraming salamat to all especially to Doc Lloyd who held my hand when I was lost in this venture. Malayo pa ito pero I have learned more in less than 2 months sa DSUT compared sa more than 1 year of looking for answers.


mas mura pa sa ****

Tetchie Fellera-Baldoza - Entrepreneur Mom

Sana pala, dito muna ako nag-enroll, ahaha, mas mura pa sa ****, ahaha


for me it’s a complete package for a newbie like me

CJ Morales - Allegro Microsystems Phils. Inc

I’ve found Negosyo University of Jon Orana then Digital Business Jumpstart of Derek Ghel, but I can’t afford to enroll in their courses, I found Christian Infopreneurs Academy of Marife Rosas and Digital Start-Up Toolkit of Doc Lloyd Labso.

I joined their FB group and ask the difference of 3 courses Negosyo University, Christian Infopreneurs Academy, and Digital Start-Up Toolkit, and through their answers in FB group I finally decided to enroll in Digital Start-Up Toolkit because for me it’s a complete package for a newbie like me to start my own digital business.


You have no idea how thankful I am to you for the FB Ads that you made recently.

Bernard M. Cadeliña - Freelance Architect

Doc have a very good morning! You have no idea how thankful I am to you for the FB Ads that you made recently. I learn a lot from it. I am now starting to grasp how to do affiliate marketing the right way. I even screen shots everything from the ads to the 2-way landing page that lead to your final message that also lead to the sales page of *********. All I can say is you are a "Rockstar" in affiliate marketing. Thank you for simply being my mentor. I am so proud of you...

This Is How You Get

Digital Start-Up Toolkit

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