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How To Purchase Online Using PayMaya Virtual Credit Cards



Online Business have grown exponentially in the past 10 years. Many entrepreneurs have transitioned their businesses to the internet.  Even physical clothing stores now have their own online stores.  

The problem most online businesses have is that many of their customers do not have the capacity to purchase online due to the lack of credit cards.  

This is seen mostly in 3rd world countries such as the Philippines.  Hence, there are a lot of remittance centers (LBC, Western Union, Palawan Express, MLhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier etc.)  

For online business and their customers, this is still a hassle.  It is time consuming to collect money from and send money via remittance centers.  It also becomes a hassle when there is a spelling error on the receiver's name.

Also, if you are an internet marketer or a network marketer who wants to start advertising on Facebook or Google, you will need a credit card to pay Facebook or Google for advertising.

This problem now can easily be fixed. Thanks to PayMaya!

What is PayMaya?

PayMaya is a free mobile application that allows anyone in the Philippines to shop online even without a credit card. 

It is free to download and available for all subscribers in any network (Smart, Globe, TM, Talk N Text, Sun) in the Philippines. To use the PayMaya Mobile App, you just need to download the app and register using your mobile number. 

Getting a credit card is now this easy. You don't need to go to the bank, open an account and present your documents.  Just get PayMaya mobile app and sign up.

How Do You Get A PayMaya Virtual Credit Card?

Just get PayMaya mobile app and sign up.

Here's what the mobile app looks like.

When you get a PayMaya Account, you can also order a physical credit card. It can be delivered to your house.  The beauty of having a physical credit card from PayMaya is that the card with a BEEP logo on it can be used to ride LRT and MRT or any bus that supports BEEP.  You don't have to wait in line in LRT and MRT to purchase a train ticket.  You can use the PayMaya w/ BEEP card.

How Do You Start Using PayMaya?

1.  Download the mobile app from the iOS store (Apple) and Google Play Store (Android).

2.  Register your account details. Enter Your Complete Legal name (First Name, Last name), Mobile Number and Specify A Password.

3.  Tap On Agree To Terms and Conditions

4.  A confirmation code will be sent to you via SMS or Text.

5.  Enter the verification code inside the mobile app.

6.  Activate your reloadable PayMaya virtual VISA credit card.

How Do You Activate Your PayMaya Virtual VISA Credit Card?

1.  Tap the link button inside the mobile app to activate your virtual credit card.

2.  Enter your details including (Birth date and Shipping Address)

3.  Enter your details including (Birth date and Complete Address)

4.  Tap "Activate" button.

5.  Your PayMaya Virtual Credit Card Will Be Shown (Credit Card #, CVV and Expiration Date).  These are the details you will use when you purchase online or pay Facebook for Ads.

How Do You Add Funds To Your Virtual Credit Card?

You can add funds at any Robinson’s Department Store, SM Business Centers, 7-Eleven Branches with Cliqq kiosks, and through BDO online and mobile banking.

You can also load up at the PayMaya booth at selected train stations from 6am to 8pm as well as selected Smart Padala stores.

How Do You Withdraw Money From Your Virtual Credit Card?

You can order the Physical Card (https://paymaya.com/shop/). It costs ₱150 for the PayMaya Card and ₱250 for the PayMaya with BEEP Card.  You can also order inside the mobile app when you are logged-in.  You can withdraw money in any BancNet ATM.

How Do You Purchase Online Using PayMaya?

When you reach the checkout page of a website or store. They will ask for your Credit Card Number, CVV, Expiration Date, your First Name and Last Name, Billing Address, Mobile # and Email Address.  Just use the details on your virtual credit card.

Here's an example of a checkout page.

If this blog post has helped you in anyway or if you have any questions, leave a comment below.  

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  • “What are the steps and best practices for purchasing items online using PayMaya virtual credit cards? Can you walk through the process of creating and using a PayMaya virtual credit card for secure online transactions? Are there any tips to ensure a smooth and safe online shopping experience with PayMaya?” greeting : Telkom University

  • Hi, Doc! Hinahanap ko yung link pa ma-order yung physical card with BEEP, pero wala naman sa website and sa app. Ang naka-indicate lang doon is yung solo card (worth 150 pesos) at yung bundle of three (worth 595 pesos). How can I order that card?

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